Building author enterprises through publishing solutions
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Researchers, Writers and Professionals


What approach should you follow to meet your professional or life plan, to reach your intended readership, to be noticed, cited or quoted? What does the publisher  or journal editor look for and how is the ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ decision reached? To whom is your proposal presented? And if a publishing contract is offered, which rights should you retain?

In the context of your plans, together we develop appropriate approaches to issues impacting on your publishing quest.


Do your skills as an author extend to operational roles such as editing, production, sales, distribution, inventory, accounting, tax, social media and ecommerce? How will you reach your readers, liaise with them and retain them? If your focus is primarily creative, which operations could you contract out, to whom and how would you manage them?

We work through the options and decide on whether it suits you to follow the self-publishing path, how and with whom.


How do you convert your work into a high-profile, ongoing concern in print or online? How do you capture and sustain an income from your website content?  How is your intellectual property or brand protected? How and when do you engage traditional and social media to grow your audience? How do you build community and generate future income?

To create ongoing income from your intellectual capital, together we leverage your content to build an author enterprise.

Based on extensive professional, scholarly, educational and independent publishing experience, specific tasks offered by James Davidson include helping you to:

  • clarify your project and audience

  • evaluate favourable journal, book publisher or self-publishing options

  • shape and refine complex work and ideas

  • select the best publishing solution for your project

  • position your journal article to match your impact factor citation strategy

  • reposition your content for educational purposes or professional readers

  • serialise your content for journal, newsletter, magazine or online formats

  • submit your work for editorial board, publishing committee, tender or grant appraisal

  • negotiate a fair publishing agreement to meet your objectives

  • source quality editorial, design, indexing and production resources

  • write copy on your project for targeted marketing and sales in relevant media

  • market, sell or distribute your work if you self-publish - both nationally and globally

  • find literary agents, negotiate translation rights or international distribution rights

  • display your work at major international bookfairs, peer meetings or conferences

  • find book and journal distributors to sell your work in other countries.

Fixed rates for projects

Depending on the extent of your project, James Davidson offers consulting on an hourly rate or a flat rate. Each project will have a different mix of tasks, such as: pre-production (e.g., business planning, designing, writing, structural editing, contract negotiation, author, editor or speaker rights, intellectual property strategy, international serial or book numbering, national library registration); production (e.g., technical editing, graphic design, typesetting/DTP, proof reading, XML tagging, printing specifications, online uploading); and post-production (e.g., cataloguing, SEO, marketing, social media, public relations and promotions, sales representation, ebook contracts, aggregation, warehousing, invoicing, fulfilment, returns policy, legal deposits, online and international distribution agreements).  

Fixed and variable contract rates, bulk rates or serial rates may be negotiated according to the project parameters. Project consulting rates vary according to their complexity and the investment of time involved.  We agree on a fixed project amount. There will be no repeat billing or variation charge. Any extension to a project will be subject to a new fixed rate agreement. 

As in political revolutions, so in paradigm choice—there is no standard higher than the assent of the relevant community... this issue of paradigm choice can never be unequivocally settled by logic and experiment alone.
— Thomas S Kuhn