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Yew Trees at Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds, UK. Photograph James Davidson.

Yew Trees at Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds, UK. Photograph James Davidson.

The power of a well-executed idea which comes from a place of integrity can change the world. Do you have a publishing project or research outcome in health, social science, the environment or humanities which deserves to make greater impact? Are you working on the edges of academia, pivoting on a decision to publish your thesis as a journal article, book or other format? Would you like a free initial professional opinion or structured guidance Perhaps you are stuck with the following questions:

  • How do I best shape complex ideas to speak to my desired audience?

  • Should I approach an established publisher or self publish my work? What are my options, opportunities and clear steps with either path?

  • How can I maximise my return – financially and career-wise – from my publishing project?

From a base of deep international experience, James Davidson provides services to address these, related questions and publishing opportunities.

Monarch's Way, Cotswolds, UK. Photograph James Davidson.

Monarch's Way, Cotswolds, UK. Photograph James Davidson.

We begin with a discussion of the broad reasons and objectives for your publishing project – in the context of your personal and professional goals – then drill down through strategy, time-frames and actions to implement your project to achieve them.

James Davidson's allegiance is to authors.  He aims to help authors achieve their personal and professional goals, to manifest their research, theory and practice in the written word and to communicate their results. James enjoys collaborating with authors to invest his extensive knowledge, experience, networks and skills into scholarly, professional and educational publishing projects which effect constructive societal change.

As an independent consultant to authors, James works without the conflicts of interest which may influence employees or consultants within corporations and educational institutions. While well-connected and extensively experienced in the field, James is not aligned with particular publishing, self-publishing, production or marketing enterprises – so he can provide authors with objective publishing advice which serves their interests.

For a free 20 minute initial consultation, please call or email James with an outline of your project, journal article, newsletter, book or thesis using the contact form. We shall discuss what is important for you to achieve with your publishing project and conclude with a  framework for moving forward with a detailed action plan.

Every discovery, every enlargement of the understanding, begins as an imaginative preconception of what the truth might be. any other creative act of mind.. It comes anyway from within and cannot be achieved by the exercise of any known calculus of discovery.
— Peter B Medawar